EDM613 WK02 – CHAPTER FOUR READING: quentin tarantino’s star wars


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When reading the first paragraph of Chapter 04, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars? Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry (p.135), I had a flash back to one of my favorite movies. The movie I am thinking of is Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow.

The reason I immediately thought of this movie was that it was produced, developed & filmed entirely in the directors small Los Angeles apartment. The only reason it became a full length movie was the director’s girl friend told her tennis partner about the project,

it turns out that tennis partner was a big time producer about the project.

Today’s movie makers have access to hardware & software for pennies on the dollar that only the big shops could afford 10 years ago.  When I was first cutting my teeth in the visual effects software, I had a chance to use a package named Matador. This software was $20,000 & you have no idea how this software was agony on square wheels. At that time Adobe Photoshop & Adobe AfterEffects were in their training wheels phase. Should you be a doubting Thomas, look no further than the Adobe System’s Production bundle or Apple’s Final Cut Studio.

I am not sure I agree with the authors comparison of fan’s digital films with the TV show Punked. I have always viewed Punked as the new generation’s take on Candid Camera. I was at a friend’s house the other night. They were so excited to have gotten on the TiVo band wagon. Now they can time shift their TV programming to fit their life, not their life to the TV’s schedule.

I liked the back story on cultural industries that really never had to contend with the alternative cultural industry because they posed no threat. Every thing was behind closed doors. In other words, over the years ordinary people were making content that had no outlet.

Can you say “YouTube”?

Now the hinges on the once closed doors have been blow off. Everyone is now a media producer. American Idol is now ingrained in American culture. With the Apple iLife suite, every Apple Mac is the ultimate media production platform. Bloger, iWeb & WordPress are the Gutenberg printing presses of the new millennium.


3 Responses to EDM613 WK02 – CHAPTER FOUR READING: quentin tarantino’s star wars

  1. Deborah Nagler says:

    I appreciate your comparison of the Mac to the printing press. It certainly presents the same kind of innovation and world changing power to our society that the printing press did in its time. I believe that there are certain fulcrum points in history, where without much effort, tremendous change can be wrought. We seem to be at one such point and technology is the lever that will bring about wide scale changes, be they social/cultural or geo-political.

  2. digitalmediagraham says:


    Wow what a statement “fulcrum points in history”. I will have to keep that phrase in my long term memory.

    My friends think I am a chattering parakeet when I talking about the Apple iPhone. All I know is that with an Apple iPhone in my pocket, there is no one I can’t talk to, no website I can’t visit or no information I can disseminate! As an Apple iPhone nurd, I constantly keep my eyes open for people using this wonder-widget.

    It is like getting a new car. When I bough my VW Jetta, all of a sudden, there were VW Jettas everywhere. Now that I have an Apple iPhone, it is staggering to see how many other people have Apple iPhones as well!

    – Graham, author of this blog

  3. I love the story behind the sky captain movie. I have the DVD and love that the “finished” movie was pretty much the same film that was completely made in the guys apartment.

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